Step 1: Get Fingerprinted

  • Go to your local police/sheriff agency that conducts public fingerprinting
  • Have TWO (2) SEPARATELY ROLLED sets of fingerprints on standard FD258 cards, (NOT A DUPLICATE COPY OF THE FIRST CARD).

Step 2: Mail Us These Documents

✓ Two finger print cards
✓ Two copies of identification, one must be a government issued photo ID and the other can be a social security card, birth certificate, utility bill or some secondary form of ID
✓ The completed signed application form (you will get this in the portal during step 3)
✓ Payment: money order, cashier’s check, or online payment (you will choose your payment method in the portal during step 3).
(If paying online, you must download and print your receipt after checkout and include with your application).

Mail to:
8120 Penn Ave  S Suite 454
Bloomington, MN 55431

Step 3: Log Into The Portal To Set Up An Account & Complete Application – This Will Allow You To Access Your Results

  • When logging into the portal you will click “Apply” and be prompted to create and application and set up an account
  • Once we receive your fingerprints in our office we will run the report and send you an email when your report is ready for you to view

We are dedicated to offering you personal service, contact us to learn more about FBI records and channeling processes.